Hygiene monitoring in breweries: Results in just 2 hours – Immediate corrective actions possible!

The quality of beer is controlled in breweries at each individual level of the production process. The presence of beer spoilage microorganisms is associated with an elevated risk to beer quality. Microbial contaminations create a negative impact on the taste, the texture and the smell of the final product. Contamination can occur over the entire production process, although the area of the filling machine is the prime spot for contamination. For this reason, filling machines are cleaned intensively on a regular basis and the success of the cleaning process is controlled via close hygiene monitoring. During this process, swabs are taken from different places on the filling machine,...


Hygiene monitoring is an important part of the activities of the microbiological laboratory in breweries. Screening for lactobacilli and pediococci may also be helpful. | more

The QuickLine IL-6 was the first lateral-flow test that Milenia Biotec launched on the market. The product has been used in many studies. | more

How are the tests for the detection of beer spoiling bacteria carried out?
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